Palestinians Undergo 'Routine' Amputations for Handcuff Injuries, Says Israeli Doctor


NEWSLINE PAPER,- An Israeli doctor at the Sde Teiman army camp field hospital has revealed unsettling circumstances and frequent amputations among jailed Palestinians as a result of handcuff injuries in an exclusive exposé by Haaretz. The letter raises issues about deteriorated health conditions and unethical behavior and is sent to Israel's attorney general as well as the defense and health ministries.
The paper reveals a disturbing fact: shackle injuries that the doctor believes to be common cause amputations in prisoners. The serious circumstances cause the doctor to sound the alarm, pointing out that improper treatment might result in problems and even fatalities and that authorities and medical personnel are breaking Israeli legislation.

As reported by Haaretz, the doctor's letter states that prisoners are subject to harsh limitations that include wearing diapers, being fed through straws, and being under continual restraints—all of which are against medical ethics and regulations. It is yet unclear when the letter was written.

In response to these accusations, an IDF spokesman pledges to follow legal frameworks and stresses the need of careful documentation and procedure control, giving detainees' safety and dignity first priority. According to the statement, handcuffing procedures take into account the health and degree of threat that detainees represent.

The IDF promises no tolerance for violence against detainees and perform training on a regular basis. Every complaint of abuse will be looked into in detail and handled separately, the statement promises.

The health ministry of Israel is silent on the issue any longer.

The reports of inmates being shackled all the time are supported by numerous medical experts who visited the Sde Teiman field hospital. Apparently, detainees—mostly Gazans—have to wear shackles on all four of their limbs, which increases the danger of blood clotting.

The source goes on to describe the facility as badly insulated and the systematic dehumanization of the captives, who are identifiable by serial numbers rather than names.

Since its establishment following the Hamas attacks, the Sde Teiman field hospital has drawn criticism from groups such as Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, which points to unethical practices and inhumane treatment of prisoners. As Haaretz reports, the facility's staffing deficits, dependence on poorly qualified staff, and cases of patients receiving care from specialists unrelated to their ailments raise grave concerns.

The information about Sde Teiman field hospital emphasizes how urgently responsibility and humanitarian assistance are needed. The predicament of the prisoners emphasizes how important it is to respect human rights and moral medical procedures under any conditions.
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