Discover the incredible story of John Alfred Tinniswood, the world's oldest living man

 NEWSLINE PAPER,- Guinness World Records has officially recognised Englishman John Alfred Tinniswood, who is 111 years and 224 days old, as the world's oldest living male. Following the death of Juan Vicente Pérez, the previous titleholder, at the age of 114, just short of his 115th birthday, comes this historic statement.
Despite live a moderate life, modest Tinniswood, in an exclusive interview with Guinness, credited his longevity to "just luck." He stressed the need of balance in one's lifestyle, warning against excesses of any kind, and abstained from smoking and drinking.

Born in the energetic city of Liverpool on August 26, 1912, Tinniswood has experienced the devastation of two world wars as well as the challenges of the Covid-19 and Great Influenza pandemics. As evidence of his tenacity and perseverance, he is also the oldest male World War II soldier still alive today. Adding still another historical dimension to his life is the fact that he was born in the same year as the Titanic sank.

Tinniswood is a lifelong Liverpool football fan who has celebrated all eight FA Cup wins and nineteen league championships. Living in a care home tucked away in the tranquil coastal town of Southport, this great-grandfather never ceases to astound with his incredible historical trip.

The care facility manager, Katie Howard, said she was impressed with Tinniswood and called him a "amazing individual with so many stories to tell." She brought out his enthusiasm for life and his love of radio listening and newspaper reading.

Tinniswood reminds us all of the richness of life and the unbreakable human spirit as the globe celebrates his remarkable milestone. His endurance in a time of transient moments is evidence of the strength of longevity and the beauty of a life well lived.

John Alfred Tinniswood is a live example of the human spirit's resilience and the strength of tenacity in a world where fresh difficulties and uncertainties arise every day. His incredible journey inspires us all and serves as a reminder that the real test of a life is found in the memories we make and the influence we have on the world.

As he continues to enjoy the warmth of his well-earned title, Tinniswood's legacy will surely last for many more generations, a monument to the human spirit's unending quest of greatness.
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