BREAKING NEWS! Unfolding Tragedy at Crocus City Hall Moscow

(NEWSLINE PAPER),- At the Multecii Hall of the Crocus City Hall in the Moscow region there was a stunning episode: three armed assaulters starting firing from the audience. This tragic event was told Russian state media resources TASS and RIA Novosti.
The downside of this rebellious invasion is, determinate casualty figures, for which both dead and injured bodies have been reported. The criminals in camouflage, who were carrying automatic weapons, opened fire at the ground floor of the Crocus City Hall precisely.

In addition to this, among attackers there was one whose purpose was to throw either a hand grenade or some kind of an incendiary device into the hall's interior, which discharged fire in the hall. The fire launched a massive mushroom plume full of black smoke. As the building collapsed, it was as if the fire had totally swallowed it.

The firefighters showed their quick-thinking and evacuated exactly 100 people out of the burning structure. Rescue efforts are still underway, with the main priority being the prompt evacuation of people who might be trapped on the roof or in the upper storeys of buildings.

First of all, over 50 ambulances were the services which were sent to the town of Krasnogorsk, which is a neighboring municipality of Moscow region, to provide their help to the people affected by the medical emergency. Moscow Regional Ministry of Health has been made clear that it will take care of every emergency medical need arises.

The mayor stated his deep as well as the entire city's condolences to the families of those who have lost someone. It was assured that part of the recovery operations would include providing all the necessary aid. Ironically, the mayor referred to the incident as the “terrible tragedy,” the very fact of his statement is an indication that the situation is terrible.

At the market at the Crocus City , we see the tangible representation of the unpredictability of public safety and the significance of ensuring appropriate security planning and management.
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