Amazing Detailed view of Phobos, A moon of Mars


NEWSLINE PAPER,- One of the most mysterious moons in our solar system, Phobos, is tucked away in the cosmic ballet that orbits Mars. Phobos has always captivated scientists and space enthusiasts with its intriguing features and irregular shape. 

Astronomers have long argued about where Phobos came from. A popular view holds that Phobos is an asteroid that Mars' gravitational pull grabbed long ago. Because of its similarity to asteroids in the asteroid belt in both shape and composition, Phobos lends credence to this notion.

Phobos was thought to have formed from debris blasted by a huge impact on Mars' surface, according to current research. According to this explanation, which is called the "reaccretion hypothesis," the moon we see today formed when Phobos merged with the debris of a devastating impact.

Even though we've learned a lot about Phobos recently, there are still a lot of mysteries. We hope that future missions, like NASA's proposed Phobos Sample Return mission, would help us better comprehend Mars' mysterious moon by revealing its history and how it formed.

(Wahyu Fatih/Newsline Paper Teams)

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