Amazing footage was captured during a Total solar eclipse

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NEWSLINE PAPER,- Solar eclipses are a rare but amazing natural event that happen every once in a while. Something magical happens in the sky when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun and casts its shade on our world. But what if, in the middle of this dance of the stars, a plane flies through our view? In the end, they made an amazing scene that combined the wonder of celestial events with the amazement of human creativity.

Picture yourself standing in a big, empty field and looking up as the moon starts its slow path across the sun. There is a lot of excitement in the air, and you are one of many people who have come together to see this rare event. The crowd quiets down as the sky gets darker and the temperature drops. Then, all of a sudden, there is a slight rumble, and then a plane streaks across the sky, leaving a bright trail behind it against the setting sun.

At that very moment, it seems like time has stopped as the everyday world of technology and the action happening in space above meet. When you look at the plane against the background of the blocked sun, it's like being mesmerized. For those who are lucky enough to see it, it's a reminder of where we fit in the world and how many possibilities there are beyond our atmosphere.

But it's not easy to get a picture of such a moment. You need to carefully plan, be on time, and have a little luck. Photographers with long lenses and fast shutter speeds wait patiently for the right moment to catch the plane's quick pass across the sun. And when it does happen, the pictures that are taken are nothing less than stunning.

Recently, there have been a lot of beautiful pictures and videos on social media of planes flying over during sun eclipses. From business jets to private planes, each one adds something different to the show in the sky. It's so important to some photographers that they will even charter planes just to get this one-of-a-kind shot from above.

But there is more to the pictures than just how beautiful they are. With so many borders and barriers in the world, seeing a plane fly across the sun is a powerful reflection of how much we are all the same. People have come up with amazing things, showing that we can think beyond the limits of our earthly life.

The plane fades into the distance as the eclipse's peak approaches and the sun comes out from behind the moon. It leaves a trail of amazement and wonder. People who saw the eclipse will remember it for a long time after it's over. This shows how powerful the meeting of nature and technology can be in our lives.

It's not just about the plane or the eclipse in the end; it's also about the brief moment when the two are linked. That it serves as a warning that even though space is very big, we are all linked by the experience of being human. And that shared experience is what makes a sun eclipse truly beautiful. It's a beauty that goes beyond time, space, and our imaginations.

(Wahyu Fatih/Newsline Paper Teams)

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