Mass Shooting at Moscow Concert Venue: 40+ Fatalities, Dozens Injured, Reports Russian State Media


Tragic Attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall Concert Venue


Disaster: Moscow’s Crocus City Concert Venue Attacked for the Second Time by the Terrorists.
A horrific episode occurred in Moscow, Crocus City Hall, an internationally known concert arena was the target for the well-armed attackers. According to the Russian state media agency “TASS”, the attack claimed at least 40 lives and injured more than 100 people. The loss of the roof of the stadium, apparently followed by a partial collapse, increased the turmoil on the ground.

Details of the Attack

The assaults against live music venues generally involve one individual wearing a military-style camouflage uniform who opens fire at the crowd of concertgoers before the show starts. The group of aggressors who were armed with automatic weapons also threw a grenade or an incendiary bomb, and this caused a, the result of which was a fire in the club. Newscasters and eyewitness accounts from the scene depict the panic in the video footage, which grabs us by the throat and shows us concert attendees ducking to cover ground, as loud reports of gunshots knell in their ears.

Response and Aftermath

The regional governor Andrey Vorobyov calmed the public by announcing that every step was being taken in order to rescue and render assistance to those affected. A SWOT team was sent to the scene, and over 70 emergency teams and doctors, were at the scene of the crime. The blaze moved so quickly that 100 people had to be rescued by firefighters, and the sedentary ones on the roof were being rescued as operations were still ongoing.

Moscow Mayor’s Statement

The head of the capital, Sobyanin Sergei, considered the event as “an unbearable tragedy” and expressed his sorrow and condolences to the families of the casualties. Moreover, he declared the closure of all Molodaya-Gvardia-organized public events in Moscow on the weekend.

Feel free to notice that this is a developing story and as the details unfold you will be able to get more information.

Source : CNN
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