Faridabad Hospital Achieves Milestone with North India's First Successful Hand Transplant

 In a groundbreaking medical achievement, two male patients, aged 64 and 19, have undergone successful hand transplantation surgeries at Amrita Hospital in Faridabad, Haryana. This marks the first instance of such a procedure conducted in North India.

For 65-year-old Gautam Tayal, the surgery represents a historic milestone, as he became the first individual in India and only the second worldwide to receive a hand transplant following a kidney transplant. Tayal, hailing from Delhi, had lost his left hand in an industrial accident two years ago, despite having undergone a kidney transplant a decade earlier.

The intricate surgeries, lasting approximately 17 hours each, were performed in late December 2023 by a team led by Dr. Mohit Sharma from the Centre for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Amrita Hospital. Tayal received a hand transplant from a 40-year-old brain-dead donor in Thane, with the procedure involving the meticulous joining of bones, arteries, tendons, and nerves to ensure successful integration.

According to Dr. Sharma, Tayal is progressing well in the post-operative phase, with gradual recovery of hand movements. He is expected to be discharged within a week, indicating a promising outcome of the surgery.

The second recipient, 19-year-old Devansh Gupta from Delhi, lost both upper limbs and the right lower limb in a train accident three years ago. Gupta underwent a challenging procedure, receiving two hands from a 33-year-old donor in Surat who was declared brain dead due to a severe lung condition. Dr. Anil Murarka highlighted the technical complexities involved in transplanting limbs at upper arm levels, emphasizing the remarkable progress made by Gupta post-surgery.

Both Tayal and Gupta expressed profound gratitude and optimism, stating that the transplants have offered them a "second chance" and renewed hope for the future. Their successful surgeries represent a significant advancement in medical science and underscore the transformative impact of organ transplantation in restoring mobility and enhancing quality of life for patients.

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