Be cautious of harmful bugs in 12 Xiaomi applications

 Xiaomi HyperOS. [X/leijun]

,- Xiaomi recently got highlighted for finding 20 bugs that affected Their devices.
These bugs, if exploited, can cause a leak of user-sensitive information and potentially allow remote control of the affected devices.

It is vital for Xiaomi to address these vulnerabilities promptly to ensure the security of its users' data. This bug affects MIUI and HyperOS, with HyperOS basically being a brand-new version of MIUI. The affected applications include familiar applications such as Gallery, Mi Video, and Settings.

Interestingly, some of the vulnerabilities came from Xiaomi's AOSP (Android Open Source Project) application patching.  This indicates the need for more thorough testing and security measures during the patching process. Retrieved from Gizmochina's website on Thursday (May 9, 2024), here's the list of applications that cause security vulnerabilities:

Gallery (
GetApps (com.xiaomi.mipicks)
Mi Video (com.miui.videoplayer)
MIUI Bluetooth (com.xiaomi.bluetooth)
Phone Sevices (
Print Spooler (
Security (com.miui.securitycenter)
Security Core Component (com.miui.securitycore)
Settings (
ShareMe (com.xiaomi.midrop)
System Tracing (
Xiaomi Cloud (com.miui.cloudservice)

The company has shown a proactive approach by promptly releasing updates to package significant vulnerabilities, as by Microsoft about the Xiaomi file manager.

(Annisa PA/Newsline Paper Teams)
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