Italian foreign minister discloses at G7 that Israel had alerted the US to an impending drone attack on Iran.

,- Officials of the Group of Seven (G7) stressed that the United States was not involved in the alleged attack when they disclosed fresh information about a drone incident in Iran during a meeting of the foreign ministers.
The Italian foreign minister Antonio Tajani presided over the meeting, which took an unexpected turn when the United States revealed that it had received last-minute information from Israel on the drone activity in Iran.

Early on Friday, Iran's air defences were triggered close to a major nuclear facility and air base in reaction to alleged drone activity, which was seen as Israeli reprisal for Iran's recent missile and drone attack.

Tajani said that although the U.S. did not participate in the purported attack, it did notify the G7 ministers of the intelligence supplied by Israel. 

While not going into detail, Secretary of State Antony Blinken did stress the United States' position on reducing tensions in the area and restated its dedication to Israel's security.

After exchanging information throughout the meeting, the G7 ministers—who stand in for Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States—issued a joint statement pleading with all parties to stop more escalation.

They voiced support for Israel's defence operations and denounced Iran's most recent attack against it. Furthermore, they condemned Iran's capture of the Portuguese-flagged ship MSC Aries in the Strait of Hormuz.

Along with warning Iran against sending ballistic missiles and associated technology to Russia, the group demanded that Hamas free the hostages in Gaza.

Tajani underlined that the G7 is dedicated to lowering hostilities and encouraging a ceasefire in places of conflict like Gaza while making sure that the afflicted people receive humanitarian help.

All things considered, the summit made clear how cooperative and diplomatic approaches are necessary to successfully handle regional issues.


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