Courtney Love believes Taylor Swift is 'insignificant' and also has opinions on Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, and Madonna.

Courtney Love (photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Warner Music) / Taylor Swift (photo by Robyn Beck/AFP)

,- While Courtney Love's new radio program is centered on women in music, she is not really fond of many of the well-known female musicians of today.
Hole's lead vocalist Courtney Love debuted a BBC Radio show last month titled "Courtney Love's Women." 59-year-old rock musician who has been living in London since 2019 talked about the project in an interview with "The Standard," praising Patti Smith, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Debbie Harry, Julie London, and Joni Mitchell.

Love, nevertheless, is not fond of some contemporary musicians, like Taylor Swift.
Love said Swift is not really important. She might be the modern Madonna and a haven for girls, but she has no artistic talent.

Love used to like Lana Del Rey, but that is no longer the case.
Ever since Lana sang a John Denver song, Love said, she hasn't been a fan of her, and she thinks Lana ought to think about taking a seven-year hiatus. She was too much influencing my work, so I had to stop listening to her while I was recording my most recent album.

As previously said, Love's criticism did not spare even Madonna.
Love said she doesn't like her and she feels the same way back. "As much for the city of New York as I did for Madonna, I loved 'Desperately Seeking Susan,' from 1985."
Though she recognized the wealth of talented women in the music business, Love believed that many of them were beginning to take on clichés.

There is an unbelievable abundance of music because all successful ladies are now copied. They were all exactly same, she said. You are inundated with a deluge of identical stuff when you listen to anything on Spotify.
I mean, I get the Beyoncé idea.

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