The White House advises Israel to be careful following Iran's retaliatory attacks


,- Following Iran's recent missile and drone attack, top US officials cautioned Israel not to respond in kind. According to Iran, the bombing was revenge for an earlier strike on its Syrian consulate. The bulk of the incoming missiles were stopped by Israeli, American, and ally defences despite the intensity of the attack.
According to reports, President Joe Biden advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give his response to Iran's rare direct attack careful thought. Citing the high interceptions success rate during the war, US authorities commended Israel's remarkable military might. Actively combating Iranian projectiles, US military intercepted a large number of drones and ballistic missiles, including those that were prepared for launch in Yemen.

The talk between Biden and Netanyahu during the rising hostilities emphasised the need of strategic preparation and conflict resolution. While it will still back Israel's defence, the US has said it would want to avoid any more war intensification. 

All the same, a few US lawmakers and former officials denounced the government's unwillingness to support Israeli reprisals.

Even in the middle of instability, US Congress efforts to boost military aid to Israel are gathering steam. Assistance package strengthening efforts were put on hold in the past but are now being reexamined. Ex-defense personnel emphasise how urgently aid must be delivered in order to preserve national security interests and enhance regional stability.
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