Video : Indonesian Rescue Member Sacrifices Life Saving Youth Attempting Suicide

 A Basarnas member in Jayapura, Tri Sudarno, passed away after falling from the Telecommunication Tower of Mount Sabron Yaru, West Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, on Wednesday (13/3/2024).

Tri fell from the tower while trying to rescue a young man named TY (21) who was attempting suicide at the top of the tower.

The Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Commissioner Pol Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, confirmed the incident.

According to Ignatius, Sudarno was immediately taken to the Regional Public Hospital (RSUD) Yowari, but his life could not be saved. Sudarno also suffered injuries and broken bones.

"Meanwhile, the young man TY who attempted suicide is still being treated at RSUD Yowari," he said in a written statement on Thursday (14/3/2024).

Ignatius explained that the work accident began when the police received a report from residents that TY planned to commit suicide at the Telkomsel Tower of Mount Sabron Yaru.

"After receiving the report, patrols from the West Sentani District Police immediately moved to the location to negotiate with the perpetrator," he said.

However, negotiations failed, so the Basarnas Team led by Tri Sudarno was directed to carry out the rescue.

"During the evacuation, TY resisted, and eventually both fell from the tower. Tri Sudarno suffered broken bones in the shoulder and right hand as well as serious head injuries," he added.

Sudarno then passed away.

"When he arrived at RS Yowari, the Basarnas member was declared dead," he concluded.

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