US Government Shutdown Averted: Impact and Implications for Herbert Hoover Museum and West Branch Economy

One week ago, the US government made it through with the veiled eyes of a shutdown as President Joe Biden certified a $1.2 trillion spending bill. ⁤⁤This type of event can really help the function of the government organ like the Herbert Hoover Museum and Library. The possible shutdown also affects commercial network in West Branch town, which often depends on pedestrian traffic in the museum. Jessi Simon, executive director of Main Street Organization West Branch told us that their organization collaborates with the Presidential Library and Museum and round the clock Park staff. Without funding, collaboration between non-profits and established organizations would be impossible.⁤

The Simon exhibition will be mainly devoted to the history of the city. It is expected to bring between 100,000 and 150,000 visitors from different parts of the world. One of her goals was to encourage these people to also take some time and explore the Main Street District, which would upbeat the local economy. Although the closure will certainly result in a lower number of pedestrians at local outlets, it will surely boost online sales through existing online platforms.⁤

⁤ Aqueous property of the governemnt shutdown has become common: There were four near misses so far within this congressional session. ⁤⁤As a result of this, both Main Street and the Museum have had to re-eval the way they go about. ⁤⁤[Simon commented] that this became a “new normal” – hence decisions were being made with the next announcement of possible shutdown in mind.

⁤⁤ Oddly enough, Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa has the flu of the day–well, at least from the museum’s point of view. But he did cite a possible bill by Oklahoma Senator James Lankford as a possible solution. Under the title of the "Prevent Government Shutdowns Act of 2023", the bill would permit the agencies of the government to keep working while the government is still in ‘sessions and negotiating the budget'.⁤

The senator stressed that the bill will overcome the possibility of a government shutdown and allow the government to operate in accordance with its budget for the past fiscal year until new allocations are approved. The bill has not been approved yet by either the Senate or the House, meaning there exists a potential that another shutdown may occur on the last day of September.⁤
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