Relatives of Detainees Protest for Netanyahu’s Resignation

 In a recent surge of civil unrest in Jerusalem, demonstrators, including kin of Gaza captives, demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yair Lapid, former Prime Minister and current opposition leader, urged the Israeli administration to heed the ongoing protests and the calls for action.

“Families of the captives are among us today. Their cries for attention outside the Kirya (IDF headquarters) went unheard. Their pleas invisible to those in power. The government’s disregard for them is palpable,” declared Lapid at a demonstration near the Knesset.

Danny Elgarat, sibling of captive Itzhak Elgarat, also insisted on Netanyahu’s departure.

“Netanyahu, your era of opaque transactions and corruption must end,” stated Elgarat. “No more deceiving the public. 177 days have passed! Netanyahu — your time is up!”

A multitude assembled outside the Knesset, waving banners and flags in solidarity.

“Our demand is clear: return the captives or question the nation’s legitimacy,” read one of the banners.

The Israel Police reported the arrest of an individual linked to the use of pyrotechnics near the protest site.

In a separate event, the family of a female Israeli soldier detained in Gaza expressed disappointment following a discussion with Netanyahu.

“We anticipated positive developments after half a year of dialogue,” shared the father of 19-year-old Naama Levy on Army Radio. “Instead, we’re left with concerns over the sluggish pace of negotiations.”

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