Will robots replace humans?

 Robots have started to gain the power in the world which is not far away from ours. Then the fantasy of science-fiction has been transferred from the world of imagination into the real world where we now are dependent on it. Across multi-tiered factories to self-driving cars, human jobs are decreasing in the number with robots as their rivals.
The dawn of this new age inspires us both with excitement and nervousness as well. On the one hand, robots may open with new opportunities for higher productivity. They perform repetitive tasks without pausing throughout and can continue without getting afflicted by the physical and mental exhaustion that humans can develop. The ability to complete these tasks efficiently and quickly, that humans usually find repetitive and boring allows for this.

On the contrary, robotics raises questions on what is the future of work and place of human among those activities which they will be performed by robots. The increase in the level of automation that robots are capable of could trigger a new kind of concern that robots may displace humans on more complex tasks further leading to job losses and widen the gap to equality.

By the same token, while these issues have to be acknowledged there is no need to fear since robots are nothing but tools that are made by us and are under our control. They however, do not substitute for creative, empathetic and intuitive humans. Note that, nonetheless, they showcase the human capacity for creation and invention, including the unceasing urge to strive forward and succeed.

With every turn at the last end, a robot is not a danger but an important change. A chance for us to reconsider and devise a new concept of work, where computers will be the master of the technical aspects and humans will perform the unique tasks. Such a future could be where robot and humans live in harmony and cooperate. Nevertheless, these are merely the tales of a world which is beginning to assign robots tasks rather than a human soul, and which is thus building a new future full of opportunities.

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