Ecuador’s youngest mayor, 27-year-old Brigitte García, was found shot dead Sunday morning

 "Ecuador’s youngest mayor, Brigitte García, aged 27, was tragically found dead on a Sunday morning, as reported by the country’s national police.

García, the mayor of the coastal city of San Vicente, and her communications director, Jairo Loor, were discovered in a suspected rental car, both victims of fatal gunshot wounds. Initial investigations indicate that the shots originated from within the vehicle.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Government, in a statement released on Sunday, labeled the incident as a ‘criminal action’. The statement also referenced the nation’s ongoing battle against terrorism, organized crime, and political corruption. However, no specific individual or group was implicated in the killings.

The Ministry expressed solidarity with the victims’ families and reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring justice for these crimes.

García, according to her profile on X, was the country’s youngest mayor. Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa expressed his shock on social media, sharing a photo of him and García together.

A memorial service for García is scheduled for Monday afternoon, as announced by the San Vicente municipality. Her burial is set for Tuesday.

Ecuador has been dealing with an increase in violence due to the activities of armed gangs. In January, following the escape of notorious gang leader José Adolfo Macías, also known as ‘Fito’, from a prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador declared a state of emergency. President Daniel Noboa subsequently declared an ‘internal armed conflict’ and ordered military operations to neutralize the violence. In less than two weeks following the decree, over 2,000 people were detained, as per the president’s office.

García, a member of the left-wing Citizen Revolution Party aligned with former President Correa, was elected last year. As per her social media updates, she had been working on a project to provide clean drinking water to San Vicente, having recently met with the country’s development bank regarding the initiative."

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