Amit Soussana: Survivor of Hamas Abduction and Sexual Assault in Gaza

Amit Soussana

NEWSLINE PAPER,- Amit Soussana, a brave Israeli woman, narrates her ordeal of a five -week batter against her life while being held by Hamas after the Hamas-led invasion on Israel. Broken silences were shattered after an Israeli woman, who was a citizen of Israel, spoke out to The New York Times about her ordeal that took place on Tuesday 28th June, for she became the first-israeli woman who publicly claimed that an assault occurred. ⁤⁤Soussana has been kidnapped from her house by no more than 10 men and passed through a series of awful actions, including being beaten up and brought in Gaza. ⁤⁤The NYTimes article, stating particularly her brutal Captivity, lets reader know the awfulness of her pain – including being bound by ankle chains and sexually forced at gunpoint.

Soussana articulated this in November 2023 as part of an exchange between the prisoners and this information shed a light on the harsh mental and physical torture she underwent while she was being held captive. ⁤⁤ Her interview to The Times in July 2017 thoroughly describes the journey of her around Gaza across several locations.⁤
⁤Protesters in Tel Aviv, Israel, speak out aggressively against the release of some hostages, who were taken by Hamas terrorists during October 7 attack, thus showing the continued necessity for justice. ⁤⁤The story of Soussana shows the great need to pay attention to the fact that perpetrators and the victims of violence should be fought against.We

⁤Dr. Ayelet Levy Shachar, Mrs. of one of the hostages detained in Gaza, stresses on how Sausan unveil the unbearable suffering of hostages daily. Vivid narratives, suchexample as Soussana's, vividly draw attention to the urgent action required to restore to the safety of the missing individuals.⁤
According to UN 's earlier report in the month, it was evident that cases of sexual violence went frequent during the Israeli air strikes, meaning that responsibility is not theirs to decide alone but for the whole. It is Hamas that insists on denying any physical and mental harm to the hostages. However, the evidence of such human rights murders is pretty strong and solid.⁤
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