Unlocking Creativity: How AI Innovator Sir Demis Hassabis Believes Video Games Can Boost Young Minds

 Parents can feel frustrated when their children spend long periods of time playing video games. Instead of getting frustrated, they should entertain a new strategy. Recently knighted AI millionaire and Google’s DeepMind co-founder, Sir Demis Hassabis, advises parents to support their children's innovative utilization of technology.

Sir Demis stresses the significance of cultivating creativity beyond just gaming. Rather than just consuming content, it is important for children to be motivated to create and program. Through this process, individuals can acquire important abilities that could result in achievement in a constantly evolving society.

Sir Demis, who was a chess prodigy as a child, spent his upbringing playing games. In the end, his adventure resulted in him creating and coding a highly successful game named "Theme Park" when he was a teenager. Afterwards, he helped establish DeepMind, which was bought by Google for an estimated £400 million in 2014.

In light of his accomplishments, Sir Demis recommends parents to inspire their children's interests and steer them towards honing their skills. In a quickly changing environment, flexibility is essential. Parents should welcome and support their children's exploration of non-traditional gaming avenues.

The influence of AI reaches far past just entertainment. Despite worries regarding deepfake videos and bias in algorithms, the AI sector continues to make progress. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's summit on AI safety in 2023 focused on addressing these worries, stressing the importance of reducing risks related to the use of AI.

Sir Demis, who endorsed a statement supporting the worldwide prioritization of AI safety, acknowledges the beneficial effects of AI. Unlike Robert Oppenheimer, who designed the nuclear bomb, he sees AI as a positive force with greater scope and potential than nuclear technology.

To conclude, nurturing creativity and flexibility in kids, in addition to ethical AI progress, will impact a better future for everyone. 

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