This is what would happen if humans moved and lived on Mars

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,- Mars, as the fourth planet from the Sun in our solar system, has been the subject of intense prediction, study, and scientific research by scientists and NASA experts who are trying to answer the crucial questions related to the potential human habitation on this red planet. Although there is no certainty as to when humans will actually move to Mars, science is trying to give an idea of what would happen if we actually lived there.

1. Special equipment On the surface of Mars 

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Very low temperatures reaching minus 60 degrees Celsius and very thin atmospheres are a major challenge to human survival. Therefore, humans will need special clothing capable of protecting them from these harsh environmental conditions. Without adequate equipment, staying on Mars is just a big risk. So from that, the development of special clothes became crucial for humans to survive there.

2. Advanced houses on the surface of Mars In addition to special clothing 

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Humans also need a suitable habitation on Mars. Scientists have made computer planning and simulation to build houses that can adapt to the unique gravity and climate of Mars. Bee-like houses were chosen because they were thought to be able to cope with environmental challenges on Mars, however, it is likely that these houses will have very high prices, given the complexity of their construction.

3. Routine interplanetary travel With advances in technology and space exploration 

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Travel between Earth and Mars will become routine. Human colonies will not only be built on Mars, but also on the Moon as a transit point. Many academics believe that this is no longer a dream beyond reach, especially after NASA's first mission to Mars.

4. New Disease Potential Since the health impact of life on Mars is not fully known 

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The possibility of new diseases emerging in the future. Unknown bacteria or microorganisms could pose a serious threat to human health in outer space. Mature medical preparation will be the key to dealing with potential outbreaks in foreign environments.

If humans actually moved to Mars, it could be a sign that our own Earth has suffered irreversible damage. The devastating impact of climate change, a natural disaster that strikes, or even the threat of a nuclear war can make the Earth no longer habitable. So from that, keeping the Earth well becomes a must so that we not only have alternative planets, but also to prevent inevitable damage.

Although all these predictions are still speculative, the exploration and research carried out by science has opened up real possibilities for humans to start new life on Mars in the future. (Newsline Paper Teams)
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