The death of Dror Or is a sad turning point in the Gaza hostage crisis

(Photo : Ismael Abu Dayyah)

,- As the Hostages Families Forum said on Friday, 49-year-old captive Dror Or passed away sadly, making him the 38th hostage dead in the ongoing crisis. The sad reality of the price paid by the protracted hostilities between Israel and Hamas is brought home by Or's death.

Or was one of the over 250 persons kidnapped on October 7 during Hamas' catastrophic onslaught on southern Israel, which killed almost 1,200 people, most of them civilians. Israel said extremists still have some 100 hostages and the remains of more than 30 more, despite attempts to gain their release.

Following the announcement of Or's passing, dozens of protesters staged a protest outside Israel's military headquarters in Tel Aviv on Thursday night. Their calls for an end to the hostage situation reverberate over the area, escalating the need for swift action to guarantee the release of those detained.

Hamas has declared, meantime, that it will dispatch a team to Cairo as soon as possible to start talks on a truce. A leaked truce plan offers some hope for a breakthrough in the protracted battle by implying possible concessions from both parties following months of deadlock in negotiations.

(Photo : Ismael Abu Dayyah)

In the middle of the rising hostilities, demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas conflict have broken out on American college. More than 2,000 protestors have been arrested throughout the last two weeks, and tent camps and demonstrations have spread. Students are organising against the startling death toll from the conflict and demanding that colleges cut relations with businesses that back Israel's military actions in Gaza.

(Photo : Ismael Abu Dayyah)

The Israel-Hamas conflict has caused Gaza's 2.3 million people great misery by uprooting about 80% of them from their homes. Whole towns and communities are destroyed, and starvation threatens the northern part of Gaza. Local health authorities report that the death toll in Gaza has increased to almost 34,500, highlighting the scope of the humanitarian crisis that is taking place in the region.

The goal of international attention as the situation worsens is still to find a peaceful way to stop the carnage and lessen the suffering of people caught in the crossfire. The tragic loss of life in Dror Or emphasises the need of coordinated efforts to achieve long-lasting peace in the area.

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