Sad moment when 9 years old kid with brain cancer met taylor swift

,- Taylor Swift's concert in Australia highlighted a shocking moment when the singer responded to a request from a fan who had brain cancer.

The fan named Scarlett has long been idolizing Taylor Swift and dreaming of having the hat the idol used to wear when singing "22".

Scarlett was diagnosed with brain cancer in October last year and doctors estimate she only has 12-18 months to live.

From the video that circulated on social media, Taylor Swift was seen kissing the boy's hand to a warm hug for Scarlett and begging for her recovery. This inspiring story of Scarlett and Taylor Swift has become viral on social media and touched the hearts of many people. A lot of people pray for Scarlett's healing and hope that she can grow up like the other kids.

"May there be a miracle that will heal Scarlett," a Netizen wrote on Twitter.

"The story of Scarlett and Taylor Swift is a beautiful example of the power of music and love," another netizen commented.


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