Police Remove student activists protesting Israel's actions from Sciences Po University.


REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

,- Police recently intervened at France's famous Sciences Po university to remove student activists who had staged an occupation of its premises in protest against Israel's actions in its battle with Hamas in Gaza.

After entering the university grounds, law enforcement officers started to evict several of the around 70 protestors who had taken over the facilities. The French protests were peaceful, with no violent incidents noted when the students were led off the property, unlike certain rallies seen on American college campuses.

The occupation of Sciences Po university coincides with increased hostilities related to the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has generated worldwide demonstrations and discussions. The fact that student protestors have moved to occupy university facilities shows how much the issue has affected youth and inspired them to take action.

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Although the demands of the demonstrators were not immediately made known, their activity is indicative of a larger feeling of support for the Palestinian people and disapproval of Israel's military operations in Gaza. Significant casualties and extensive destruction from the fighting have sparked protest and demands for responsibility from the international community.

The way that the authorities responded to the occupation at Sciences Po University emphasises how carefully freedom of expression and public order must be balanced. Authorities are required to protect public property and guarantee the safety and security of all those participating in peaceful protest, even as protestors are free to express their complaints.

With students speaking out on everything from social justice to climate change, universities have grown to be hubs of political activity and social movements in recent years. One way students at Sciences Po University are using their combined influence to promote change and increase awareness of urgent global concerns is through their work.

(Newsline Paper)

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