OpenAI launches GPT-4o with premium features


,- OpenAI on Monday (13/5) announced the launch of a new generative artificial intelligence model called GPT-4o, which offers premium features of GPT-4, with an updated web interface.

According to Gizmochina's broadcast on Tuesday, the GPT-4o will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

OpenAI that GPT-4o took "one step towards a more natural human-computer interaction".

This new model can process text, images, and audio and can help users based on it.

The voice mode now works more smoothly with faster responses and better understanding.

Previously, the voice mode used three different models for simultaneous transcription, intelligence, and text-to-voice output, causing response delays.

GPT-4o is claimed to solve the problem. Using the camera on the phone, users can now share information with models and ask questions based on it easily using voice mode.

The modelly responds to voice input in 232 milliseconds, similar to human response time.

The GPT-4o is better and faster than the Turbo in understanding non-English language and can now also serve as a translator.

GPT-4o will also be available for APIs, so developers can build and support artificial intelligence (AI) applications using the new model capabilities.

Although the new model offers the features for free, premium users will be allowed to use five times the resources compared to a new model.

The company has also launched the ChatGPT app for Apple's macOS-based desktop. The app for macOS offers a deeper integration into the platform.

OpenAI wants to make it easy for users to integrate these tools into their workflows. With the keyboard shortcut (Options + Spaces), users will be able to open the conversation page on the device easily. 

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