Meet Emily Pellegrini, a model with 200,000 followers, But She's not real

Emily Pellegrini

,- Emily Pellegrini Famous on Instagram because of her body and long brown hair. Football players, MMA fighters, and billionaires are all interested in her.

The catch is that AI created Emily as a model, not a real person. Emily has only been alive for four months, but her realistic movies and photos have helped her gain a large following of 123,000 on Instagram.

Because Emily was made completely by AI, she has become a profitable business for her creator, who made almost $10,000 in just six weeks on the content creation platform Fanvue.
Behind the scenes, Emily's life isn't as exciting as her online life." I asked Chat GPT what the average man's dream girl looks like, and it said brown hair and long legs, so I made her exactly as it said." The point was to make her likeable and pretty. I tried to make her seem as real as possible. The person who made Emily was surprised when famous people reached out to her, thinking she was real. It was possible to win trips to fancy hotels and restaurants, and football players, billionaires, and MMA fighters sent requests.

In addition to Emily, Emily's creator also created Fiona, an AI character with about 30,000 Instagram followers.
The increasing number of AI generators, such as Unstable Diffusion, that generate over 500,000 NSFW images per day.


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