Fredrinn, the "Tank" Hero of Mobile Legends who's often been set up as a "Jungler"


,- The popular game made by Moonton, Mobile Legends (MLBB) provides many characters that players can use.

Each hero has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Periodically there are several heroes who get into the "meta" in a Mobile Legends game.

Meta is an acronym for "Most Effective Tactics Available". This term is commonly used in the gaming world, especially competitive games such as Mobile Legends.

In Mobile Legends games, meta is a term for the hero or character used by the player in the game to win easily.

One of the heroes in the MLBB's meta category is Fredrinn.

In Mobile Legends, the Tank character has a high defense advantage and more "hit points" than any other type of hero. However, the character's weaknesses do not have the ability to quickly injure the enemy.

However, in recent times there have been frequent "deviations" in Mobile Legends. Fredrinn's character, who was supposed to be in the Tank role, is often set up as a "Jungler".

Characters mounted as Jungler usually have better attacking abilities to injure opponents and lower defensive abilities.

Well, then why would Fredrinn, who was supposed to be the Tank, often be set up as the Jungler?

Jungler is really the main role in the game that allows a player to eradicate the monsters that exist in the forest efficiently.

It's meant so he can raise his level and abilities quickly, so that he can launch strategies and attacks well and cleverly, of course for a team's victory.

Besides, Jungler also plays the role of the man who controls the map and traps the enemy's heroes suddenly.

Well, in Mobile Legends games, Jungler positions are usually filled by heroes with characteristics of Assassins or Fighters who have higher attacking abilities and can eradicate enemies quickly and instantly.

While the character or hero of Mobile Legends who plays the Tank role, like Fredrinn, is usually used to be the front guard to withstand attack from the enemy.

Thus, this Jungler Tank meta can be said to go backwards with the role that an Assassin hero is supposed to play in the game.

According to various media reports that discuss the game, Tank Jungler is widely used because it has a large HP, and this makes the war that takes place in the game will be quite intense.

Besides, the defense that a Tank Jungler possesses will also make it durable to complete a goal in the game, like wiping out a huge monster like "Turtle" or "Lord".

Regarding the Fredrinn above, the KompasTekno pattern when playing MLBB games routinely in "Ranked" mode, Fredrins are often used by both enemies and teammates.

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