Elon Musk will build a supercomputer for Grok AI chatbot development

Elon Musk

,- Elon Musk announced this month that his artificial intelligence (AI) company xAI plans to build a supercomputer by 2025 to support the development of the latest version of the AI chatbot Grok.

According to The Information report, quoted by Engadget on Sunday, the supercomputer that will be used to train and power the latest version of this Grok chatbot is supplied by the Nvidia H100 GPU in large quantities and is estimated to take billions of dollars to make it.

Earlier, Elon once said that the third version of the Grok chatbot requires at least 100,000 GPUs, or five times more than when training Grok 2.0 that requires 20,000GPUs.

According to The Information, Musk also told investors in his presentation that the GPU cluster for the supercomputer called this "gigafactory of computing" would be at least 4 times larger than that used by current xAI competitors.

Grok is currently in version 1.5, which was released in April 2024. These xAI chatbots are claimed to be able to process visual information such as photos and diagrams as well as text.

Earlier this month, X began launching an AI-supported summary of news generated by Grok for premium users. Grok relied on user X's uploads to generate a summary. Some of the summary focused on news articles, while others were summaries of conversations between X users.

Grok was able to produce news abstracts and topics that were heavily discussed, such as Apple's income reports, humanitarian aid for Ukraine, until Musk argued about a national loan that was a summary of Elon Musk's conversation with some famous figures on platform X. 


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