Does classical music make babies smarter? Scientist Says

(PEXELS/Amina Filkins)

,- There are many opinions that listening to classical music in the fetus in the womb can improve the intelligence of the child.

It is known as the Mozart effect, which was first known in 1993 through a publication in the journal Nature.

"The publication mentions that listening to Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major for 10 minutes before doing some work can improve the spatial abilities of the research subjects," said Pondok Indah Children's Specialist Dr. Bintaro Jaya, Dr. Liza Fitria, Sp.A. to, Sunday (19/7/2020).

However, according to Liza, the study was conducted on 36 young adult subjects, not children or infants.

"Other research states that playing a musical instrument has a greater impact on intelligence than listening to classical music," he added.

So, the most important thing to boost a baby's intelligence is stimulation by parents and caregivers.


 (Newsline Paper Teams)

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