Cinema Synthetica contest to challenge a short film with AI

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,- Technicians Todd Terrazas, Max Einhorn, Mike Gioia, and Ian Eck created a Cinema Synthetica competition that challenges filmmakers to make short films using generative Artficial Intelligence (AI) in 48 hours.

Written by Lame Variety, Saturday (11/5), the challenge for nine newcomers filmmakers is made to show the potential of AI tools to influence the future of filmmaking.

Nine Cinema Synthetica participants were carefully selected for this challenge and then divided into three-man teams. After two full days of work, the films will be presented at the AI on the Lot conference on May 16th in downtown Los Angeles where Hollywood creatives can collaborate with those at the forefront of artificial intelligence.

Their crafted films will appear before a panel of jurors that includes people in the industry like Einhorn, Jeff Clanagan, Kathleen McCaffrey, Momo Wang, Rachel Joy Victor, and Jackee Chang.

The teams will base their short films on a dialogue script written by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Bernie Su (“Artificial,” “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”). The film should be between two and five minutes long and produced at a $500 budget.

AI has become a highly controversial issue in the entertainment world, one of the founders of the Einhorn competition stressed that generative AI is a tool to help filmmakers enhance their creative vision.

"Generative AI is designed to revolutionize the filmmaking process, not by eliminating jobs but by empowering more creative individuals to share their stories," Einhorn said.

"Digital cameras and the Internet have reduced access barriers for listeners, and the 'Cinema Synthetica' competition is proof of how GenAI will do the same thing. This competition shows that technological advances can benefit the filmmaking process, not hinder it," he added.

In line with Einhorn's statement, Bernie Su stressed that there were still many human aspects behind the short film.

"When filmmakers combine the AI tool with their extraordinary human talent, they will make a film that was impossible to make three months ago with this resource, it is an honor to give a spark of inspiration in this innovative event," Su added.

"These artists represent the tip of the spear and will strongly display cutting-edge tools," said Terrazas, executive producer and one of the founders of Cinema Synthetica and major organizer of AI at Lot.

The competition is sponsored by Adobe, which wants to showcase its latest AI software product. 


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