China develops 100kg liquid hydrogen vehicle system

The 100-kilogram class vehicle-mounted liquid hydrogen system. /CASC

,- China has successfully developed the first liquid hydrogen system that can be mounted on a 100-kilogram vehicle, according to its developer, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. (CASC).

The development marks a new breakthrough in the country's transportation sector. As one of the core components of a heavy-duty liquid hydrogen truck, this new system is entirely domestically produced.

The system will also help hydrogen-powered heavy trucks reach an increased range of more than 1,000 kilometers with just one charge.

Compared to its predecessor, the system offers an effective volume increase of 20 percent in the same overall dimension while cutting costs by more than 30 percent.

With a carrying capacity of up to 100 kilograms of hydrogen, the device meets international standards in terms of system quality, hydrogen storage density, and refuelling time, according to an expert from CASC.


(Newsline Paper Teams)

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