BTS Trending, OP Explains What Happens If The Idol Is Not South Korean


,- This morning, BTS has become a hot topic on many social media platforms. The accusation that the BTS is being attacked has sparked debate, with vociferous supporters protecting their stars.

Previously, BTS was suspected of chart cheating in 2017. The issue resurfaces in the midst of a battle between Min Hee Jin and HYBE, who earlier received public notice for their involvement in Dahn World, which is affiliated to the agency.

Recently, the slogan "SOUTH KOREA APOLOGISE TO BTS" has gained popularity on the social media platform X. One user (OP) uploaded a screenshot indicating that the hashtag has received 160,000 tweets.

In a post on theqoo, the OP debated why South Korea should apologise to BTS. They said that South Korea attempted to drop a global celebrity like BTS since the country has never had a BTS-class superstar before, making it unfathomable to handle an idol group appropriately.

On the other hand, the OP considers how things would be different if BTS were not from South Korea.

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