Apple apologized for the latest iPad Pro product ads

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,- Apple apologized for the advertising of its latest iPad Pro product, which sparked protests among citizens and creative industry actors.

"Creativity is our DNA at Apple and it is vital for us to design products that empower creative actors around the world," Apple Marketing Communications VP Tor Myhren wrote in a statement quoted by Variety on Thursday (October 9th).

"Our goal is always to celebrate the different ways users express themselves and realize their ideas through the iPad. We've been out of sight with this video and we're sorry," Tor added.

The one-minute ad was uploaded to Apple CEO Tim Cook's X account and Apple's official YouTube channel.

"Introducing the new iPad Pro: the thinnest product we have ever created, the most sophisticated screen we've ever produced, with the incredible power of the M4 chip. Imagine all the things it can make," Tim Cook wrote in an iPad Pro ad video upload on the X on Tuesday (7/5).

This ad titled "Crush" shows a variety of artistic and creative objects such as sculptures, paint cans, pianos, trumpets, guitars, and others destroyed by a giant hydraulic press machine.

After all the objects were destroyed and the hydraulic press was lifted back, the iPad Pro with the narrator saying the jargon that the product is the thinnest yet strongest iPad.

Once uploaded, this advertisement fishes the protest of citizens who deplore the concept of the destruction of these creative tools.

"This does not respect creative tools and mock the creators," wrote one citizen quoted by the Hollywood Reporter.

"This is an annoying, uncomfortable, and selfish advertisement. When I saw these results, I was ashamed to have bought an Apple product since I was 19," another citizen wrote.

Not only citizens, but creative industry activists, including actor Hugh Grant and filmmaker Justine Bateman, have also protested against the advertisement as a picture of a giant technology company that insults creative culture.

"The destruction of human experience. It's been a delight in Silicon Valley," Hugh Grant wrote in his post on X.


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