Student From India has created an AI-based model that can convert sign language into English


NEWSLINE PAPER,- In computer science era, new ideas are always coming up. Every day, new tools and ideas come up in the field, which is always changing. Priyanjali Gupta is an innovator. She is in her third year of studying computer science at the famous Vellore Institute of Technology. Gupta created an AI-based model that translates sign language into English. This is a big step forward that could change the way deaf and hard-of-hearing people communicate.

She learned about artificial intelligence (AI) in her first year at VIT, which was the start of her path. She was intrigued by the potential applications of AI in real-world problem-solving. At a talk on human-computer interaction, she realised that AI could help the hearing and the deaf communicate better with each other.

The AI model that Gupta made can translate between English and sign language. This is a big step towards making it easier for people whose first language is sign language to communicate. The model uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to interpret sign language movements and convert them into English text in real time.

Gupta's work has had a huge effect on many people. Her AI model provides deaf and hard-of-hearing people with new ways to communicate by translating sign language into English. People who don't know sign language can connect with others more easily. This breaks down barriers and promotes acceptance.

Different platforms, like videoconferencing tools and public service messages, could incorporate the model to enhance their usability for deaf people. It might also be useful in schools to help teachers and kids talk to each other better.

She thinks that Gupta's AI model is just the start, even though it is a big deal. She is going to keep working on the model to make it more accurate and add more words. She also wants to make a version that can translate spoken language into sign language, which would help people communicate even more.

Finally, Priyanjali Gupta's work demonstrates the application of AI to real-world problem solving. Her AI model, which can translate sign language to English, is not only a new piece of technology, but also a step toward making society more open to everyone. As AI continues to improve, people like Gupta are showing the way by using technology to make the world a better place.

(Wahyu Fatih/Newsline Paper Teams)
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