Netanyahu says Israel will decide how to react to Iran's attack and brushes off calls for prudence.


,- Following volcanic activity at Ruang mountain that sent ash thousands of feet into the air, Indonesian authorities issued a warning for a tsunami on Wednesday. Over 11,000 people were told to leave the area by authorities.
According to the Centre for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia, there have been at least five significant eruptions in the last day at the volcano located in the northern section of Sulawesi island. The highest degree of volcano warning has been issued by officials.
Around eight hundred residents left the area on Wednesday.

There are 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia, a nation of 270 million people dispersed over several islands. Because it is on the "Ring of Fire," a curving arc of seismic faults that encircles the Pacific Ocean, it is vulnerable to volcanic eruptions.

Visitors and other people were cautioned to stay at least 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) away from the 725-meter (2,378-foot) Ruang volcano.
The authorities are worried that a piece of the volcano could collapse into the sea, causing a tsunami like to the one that resulted from an eruption in 1871.

Northeast of the volcano, on Tagulandang island, residents are once more at risk and are being urged to flee.
The National Disaster Mitigation Agency of Indonesia said residents would be relocated to Manado, the closest city on Sulawesi island, which is six hours by boat.
A tsunami that struck Sumatra and Java in 2018 after Indonesia's Anak Krakatau volcano collapsed claimed 430 lives.
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