Missile Attack Spotted Off Yemen Coast in Red Sea Near Key Strait, Says Security Firm

This is a locator map for Yemen with its capital, Sanaa. (AP Photo)

,- According to a private security organization, on Friday a ship traversing the Red Sea was near to falling missiles thought to have been fired by the Houthi rebels of Yemen.

With this incident, the Houthis have restarted their attacks after a period of negligible activity during their campaign against Israel's fight with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Private security company Ambrey reports that one of the three missiles fired in the event landed closest to a tanker involved in trade with Russia that was registered in the Seychelles but flying the Panamanian flag. Ship monitoring information indicated the Andromeda Star was en route from Primorsk, Russia, to Vadinar, India.

The missile bombardment was not immediately credited to the Houthis, although they typically do so a few hours later. The centre for UK Maritime Trade Operations also verified the attack off Mocha.

According to the US Maritime Administration, the Houthis have attacked ships more than fifty times during the last few months, destroying one and capturing another.

Notwithstanding a decrease in attacks brought on by an increase in U.S.-led coalition airstrikes on Yemen and a downturn in marine trade in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Houthi activity has recently increased. Given how relentlessly the US administration has attacked the rebels, some have speculated that they might be running out of ammunition.

Since Wednesday, the Houthis have at least claimed responsibility for two strikes, both of which targeted warships flying the American flag: the MV Yorktown and the MSC Darwin.

The Houthis have pledged to continue hitting until Israel stops the violence in Gaza, which has claimed the lives of over 34,000 Palestinians. Conflict was started by terrorists headed by Hamas attacking Israel, killing Israelis and taking hostages.

Remember that most of the ships that are being targeted by the Houthis have had little to no dealings with Israel, the US, or any of the other belligerent countries. The rebels have also attempted, albeit mainly unsuccessfully, to conduct missile assaults on Israel.
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