Inside Trump’s Trial: Facing Criticism and a Legal Battle

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,- As he goes through his criminal hush money trial in a New York courtroom with prospective jurors providing unvarnished judgments about him, Donald Trump finds himself in strange ground. Used to praise and control, Trump now has to deal with tight regulations and criticism without being able to respond publicly. 
For the former president, who usually spends his days in the cocoon of Mar-a-Lago, sheltered from criticism by loyal staff and friends, this trial represents a major change.

Trump has led an opulent life at his Florida club since leaving the White House, where paying members respect him and he is protected from criticism. But with felonies on his record and former friends like Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels watching, his trial puts him in a precarious position. Though Trump's defense team continues to be adamant, opposing what they see as a politically driven prosecution, the courtroom exchanges expose a wide spectrum of views on the former president.

Possible jurors have voiced a range of opinions on Trump during the selection process, from awe to contempt. While some hail his success and business sense, others call him conceited and self-serving. 

In a city where Trump continues to be divisive, many New Yorkers unexpectedly have neutral or positive views about him, despite being excused from jury duty because of prejudices.

Trump has to deal with tight courtroom guidelines as he moves through the trial, including a gag order that forbids him from criticizing jurors. Trump's appearance in court, notwithstanding the difficulties, emphasizes the seriousness of the upcoming legal fight and the uncertainties surrounding his destiny. 

Trump's trial is a turning point in his post-presidential life, whether he wins or is found guilty. It will try his ability to bounce back from hardship.

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