Here is the atmosphere of a total solar eclipse in North America

The moon covers the sun during the eclipse in Magog, Quebec. 
Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

  Eclipses have a little bit of a spoiled American experience. We did, after all, just witness one that most of the nation saw, and it followed the 2017 "Great American Eclipse," which traced from Oregon to South Carolina. That is rare, though. And not until the 2040s will it happen once more. According to Dr. John Mulchaey, deputy director and Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair of the Carnegie Observatories and deputy for science at the Carnegie Institution for Science, an eclipse happens in the same location every 375 years on average. We also live in a period when we can actually appreciate seeing a total eclipse on Earth, he added. Although eclipses happen all over the solar system, none of them are precisely like the ones we have here. 

 Here is some best moment from Total eclipse 2024 IN NORTH AMERICA :

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