Trump’s Deadline Dilemma: The Impact on His Real Estate Empire and Presidential Campaign

 (NEWLINE PAPER),- In an extraordinary change in the US. presidential campaign, Donald Trump faces a three-day deadline to raise about half a billion dollars. Failure to do so could send his valuable real estate empire crumbling to pieces.
Trump’s latest problem was trying to get a mortgage to pay off his $464 million plus interest. This is to appeal a presumptive civil fraud judgment against him, his adult sons and his company. If he fails to raise the money by Monday, New York Attorney General Letitia James will begin seizing some of Trump’s assets to meet his obligations to the nation. Trump's Seven Springs estate and golf course in New York's Westchester County could be one of the first properties targeted, according to court documents.

“The attorney general is ready to go,” Adam Leitman Bailey, a real estate lawyer who has sued Trump seven times, told CNN’s Erin Burnett. They are ready to take his money for justice. The question is how hard it will be to collect.”

While this crisis is primarily about Trump’s career and personal wealth, it also has important political implications. Trump, as the Republican presidential candidate, is facing a no-candidate situation in the election campaign. It is unique to the former general's criminal record that will cloud the lead-up to Election Day and could add to the chaos of his second presidency if he defeats President Joe Biden.

Trump’s flurry of social media posts on Wednesday underscore his frustration. He says he is innocent of any violation but is a victim of relentless political persecution. For example, he wrote “ELECTION INTERFEREN
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