Oscar Best Moment, Ryan Gosling, John Cena nudity and a dog who stole the Oscars


The Oscars this year were a whirlwind of excitement, spanning over three hours filled with glitz, tears, and even some unexpected moments of full-frontal nudity. Here's a glimpse into some of the standout highlights from Hollywood's grandest evening.

**A Ken-tastic Surprise:** Ryan Gosling stole the show with his lively performance of the Barbie movie's hit song "I'm Just Ken." Starting from his seat beside Margot Robbie, Gosling's rendition had the audience in stitches as he made his way to the stage, donning an all-pink tuxedo and accompanied by a group of cowboy-hat-wearing Kens. The infectious energy of the performance even had A-listers like Emma Stone joining in the fun, despite a wardrobe malfunction caused by the excitement.

**Kimmel's Comic Relief:** Returning for his fourth stint as host, Jimmy Kimmel brought his A-game with witty commentary and timely jokes. Acknowledging the recent strikes in Hollywood, Kimmel's monologue struck a chord with the audience, though not all his quips landed smoothly, as evidenced by a momentary awkwardness with Robert Downey Jr.

**A Political Presence:** The ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza made its mark on the Oscars, both on the streets of Hollywood and within the ceremony itself. Stars like Billie Eilish and Mark Ruffalo showed their support for a ceasefire with red pins, while director Jonathan Glazer used his acceptance speech to address the humanitarian crisis.


**Heartfelt Moments:** Emotional tributes and speeches added depth to the evening, particularly with Lupita Nyong'o's introduction of Da'Vine Joy Randolph, who moved the audience to tears with her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress.

**Unconventional Surprises:** John Cena's unconventional presentation for Best Costume Design, and Al Pacino's unexpected announcement of the best picture nominee, added an element of surprise to the evening.

**Four-Legged Star:** Among the nominees, a four-legged breakout star stole hearts as Messi the dog from "Anatomy of a Fall" made a charming appearance at the ceremony, garnering attention and applause.

In essence, the Oscars this year were a mix of glamour, emotion, and unexpected twists, making it a night to remember in Hollywood's history.

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