Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: Dozens of women feared abducted


Boko Haram, classified as a terrorist organization, is suspected of being behind the abduction of dozens of displaced people in northeastern Nigeria. The victims, primarily women residing in a camp in Gamboru Ngala town, had fled their homes due to attacks by insurgents.

The abductions occurred while the group ventured out to gather firewood for cooking or selling, according to locals. Reports on the number of kidnapped individuals vary widely, ranging from nearly 50 to over 300.

The incident occurred several days ago but is only now coming to light due to Gamboru Ngala's remote location, where communication infrastructure has been destroyed by jihadists. Residents sometimes travel to neighboring Cameroon to make phone calls.

Borno state authorities have deployed a response team to the area where the abduction took place but have not provided further details. The road leading to the town has been closed off.

These abductions coincide with statements from Borno state government asserting that 95% of Boko Haram fighters are either deceased or have surrendered. However, neither the state nor federal government has commented on the recent abductions. The local government chairman, Umar Mohammed, confirmed the kidnappings without specifying the number of victims.

A resident of Gamboru Ngala claimed that 113 individuals were taken by Boko Haram militants, stating that over 200 displaced people had ventured out to collect firewood but were abducted, leaving only the very young and elderly behind.

An anti-jihadist militia leader in the area, Shehu Mada, attributed the abductions to an offshoot of Boko Haram known as the Islamic State of West Africa Province (Iswap). According to him, a headcount revealed that 47 women were captured while others managed to escape.

The insurgency in northern Nigeria, which began in 2009, has claimed over 40,000 lives and displaced two million people.

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