"Israeli Military Operation Underway at Al-Shifa Hospital as Palestinians Describe Devastation"


The Israeli army is still at Al-Shifa Hospital in central Gaza. They started the operation on Monday.
Around 30,000 people are at the hospital now. Hamada Abdelhadi, who is one of the people there, says that Israeli army vehicles and big machines are wrecking the outside of the hospital. Abdelhadi talks about the tough situation. He says that the military vehicles are aiming at the hospital's windows and shooting at anyone who moves inside. Most of the people at the hospital are forced out of their homes, hurt, and are women and kids. Abdelhadi says, "Women and kids are still yelling." He says that they are very scared. The military operation started at 2 a.m. and caused injuries, arrests, and deaths. The IDF said on Monday that they are at the hospital to go after "top Hamas terrorists." They want to stop their plans. The tough times at Al-Shifa Hospital show the big humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Many people are looking for shelter with the violence getting worse. The IDF's actions raise worries about keeping people safe in war zones. This makes people ask for things to get calmer and for the hospital and other buildings to be safe.
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