Dragon Ball Theme Park in Saudi Arabia: A New Attraction Amidst Controversy

 Through its recent disclosure of its projects to have Dragons Ball amusement park built, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its admiration for the popular Japanese anime series, Dragon Ball. The improvement of this announcement invites many positive and negative reaction of the fans.
The Dragon Park will have a 70m (230ft) long Dragon on its heart together with more than 30 roller-coasters, based on a statement from the company which is now building it. This marvel will be the first of its kind globally, being a dedicated temple to the fantastical extended series.

Nevertheless, this news was somewhat followed by criticism, as many fans expressed their concern about Saudi Arabia’s general human rights culture.

"Qiddiya Investment Company" (QIC), a holding of the government's own investment fund, has said that the zone will occupy about half a million square meters. The initiative is indeed a part of a strategic long-term cooperation programme between QIC and Toei Animation. This is the Japanese developer of the famous Dragon Ball Z series.

According to Dragon Ball website official release, the park will be home to a rollercoaster inside the dragon which is a copy of Shenron who is dragon from the franchise that works for granting wishes.

Qiddiya, an entertainment and tourism project under development in Neraby Riyadh, the capitol city of Saudi Arabia, is suggested to be the home of the park. This project is included in the national agenda for the diversification of the economy beyond simply reliance on the resources of fossil fuels.

While some people among the Dragon Ball fans who have already welcomed the attractions idea, others have also been doubted about the country that holds such attractions to be in Saudi Arabia. The country that has long been labeled for it poor record on human rights and also for it absence of acceptance of the rights of LGBTQ community.

The moving of Dragon Ball theme park appointment has been made following the demise of its mastermind, A. Toriyama. Toriyama[, who peacefully passed away on the 5th of March after fighting a losing battle with illness for some time,] was remembered by fans worldwide for creating characters that were regarded with fondness as they became part and parcel of their lives.

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