Charlotte Church says family threatened over Gaza support

 Charlotte Church has revealed that she and her family have been subjected to police checks due to safety concerns following threats from what she describes as "some pretty scary people."

The singer disclosed that these safety issues arose after she attended a pro-Palestinian event in Bedwas, Caerphilly county, last month. Allegations of antisemitism were subsequently leveled against the 38-year-old, which she vehemently denies, asserting her longstanding respect for Judaism and Jewish culture.

In late February, Church participated in a Sing For Palestine event aimed at fundraising for a new ambulance for Gaza's Al Awda hospital. During the event, she led a rendition of "From The River To The Sea," a chant criticized by some, including the Campaign Against Antisemitism, for its perceived call for the destruction of Israel. However, supporters such as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign argue that the slogan represents the aspiration for freedom, equality, and justice for all Palestinians.

Facing backlash and threats, Church defended her actions, stating that she does not interpret the phrase "from the river to the sea" as advocating for the ethnic cleansing or genocide of Israelis. Instead, she sees it as a call for the liberation of Palestine, often accompanied by the sentiment "We are all Palestinians."

Church emphasized that advocating for one group's liberation does not imply the destruction of another, condemning the violence while expressing her love and respect for Jewish culture. She made it clear that she does not support Hamas and denounced their actions, particularly their attack on October 7th.

The situation underscores the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, with Church finding herself embroiled in the controversy surrounding the broader geopolitical tensions in the region.

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