Biden, Obama, and Clinton Set Fundraising Record in Star-Studded NYC Event

 In an electrifying evening at New York City’s iconic Radio City Music Hall, US President Joe Biden, flanked by his predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, hosted a record-breaking election fundraiser. The star-studded event raised an impressive $26 million (£21 million), setting a new benchmark for a single political gathering.

Cash Advantage and High Stakes

Biden’s campaign enjoys a financial edge over Republican rival Donald Trump, allowing strategic investments in advertising across crucial states. As polls indicate a neck-and-neck race for the White House, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Guest List and Hollywood Liberals

Predictably, Trump criticized the event’s guest list, labeling them “deranged Hollywood liberals.” His campaign seized on the cash disparity, emphasizing the contrast between Democratic reliance on billionaire donors and the working-class supporters who rallied behind the former president.

Passionate Speeches and Star Performances

joe biden,barrack obama and bill clinton

Inside the packed auditorium, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rallied the 5,000-strong crowd of Democrats. His message was clear: safeguard democracy by preventing the return of the “dishonest, chaotic, ineffective regime of Donald Trump.”

Comedian Mindy Kaling emceed the evening, following a soulful performance by singer Lizzo. Queen Latifah and Cynthia Erivo also graced the stage, but the pinnacle of excitement came when the three presidents—Biden, Obama, and Clinton—made their joint appearance.

“Four More Years!”

As chants of “four more years” reverberated through the hall, the audience celebrated the legacy of these leaders. Comedian Stephen Colbert, with his trademark wit, quipped, “Three presidents… and none of them are here to go to court,” alluding to Trump’s legal battles.

Hope, Unity, and the Road Ahead

During their moderated discussion, Biden emphasized that democracy hung in the balance. He criticized Trump’s divisive worldview, contrasting it with his vision for the next decades. Obama highlighted Biden’s legislative victories, from healthcare to job creation, especially benefiting African Americans. Clinton playfully accused Trump of “stealing a few good years” from Obama’s administration.

In a lighthearted finale, the four men donned aviator sunglasses, channeling Biden’s signature style, earning a standing ovation from an audience hungry for change.

Source: BBC


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